« I was a journalist and radio personality in Europe for 20 years. I moved to California in 2013. Got a case of writer’s block in French ? Let me help you. »

Since I moved to the US in 2013, I have been a correspondent for RTBF, a public Belgian radio, and Elle magazine on the West Coast. I believe in the power of objective journalism to inform, entertain and educate. I am also a senior copywriter at NewsMaster Belgium working for prestigious European companies like Orange, BNP Paribas, Engie and many more.

In 2015 I worked as a Music Specialist / Managing Editor under NDA in a Fortune 100 company based in Cupertino. After living for two years in San Francisco, where I studied the “knowledge economy” of Silicon Valley, I moved to beautiful Santa Barbara in early 2016 but I regularly drive to San Francisco for business.

Looking for a press correspondent ? I am available for other correspondences, either written or live in French. Don’t bother with the hassle of sending somebody out here, I’m already here!


Localizing in French ? Your website, your blog, your business magazine (or your love letter) shouldn’t be limited to « 5 reasons to do this » or « 10 apps to do that. » Let go a little, let a professional take care of the rest and bring your text to life. You don’t always need a « translator ». You need a senior professional writer you can trust.

Special thanks to these companies (who invested me with their trust):

RTBF, Elle Belgique, Newsmaster, TOOLinux, Linagora, Microsoft,
Menlo Technologies, Mobistar, Electrabel, Pure FM, DoubleTwist,
BNP Paribas Fortis,  Rossel, Hello Bank! Belgique,
Sony Ericsson, RTL Group.